Occupational Safety & Health

ADVANCE PACT is committed to preserve the environment by implementing the following policies:

  • ADVANCE PACT Corporate Policy is to create safety practices in work environment that enable our people to work injury and illness free.
  • ADVANCE PACT is committed to give priority to Occupational Safety and Health, wherever ADVANCE PACT operates and shall endeavour to take reasonable and practicable step to prevent and eliminate the risk of injuries and health hazards.
  • To Facilitate our conformance with the policy, ADVANCE PACT shall ensure that health and safety commitment from management and staff is maintained.
  • ADVANCE PACT shall provide it’s employees a healthy and safe working environment and in accordance with appropriate OSH and other legal requirements.
  • ADVANCE PACT shall also ensure that contingency plans are in placed and maintained to deal with emergencies and shall periodically review the Occupation Safety and Health.
  • ADVANCE PACT expects all its employees, contractors, and visitors to strictly adhere to this Policy at all times.