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Healthcare Solution

Heathcare solution services include Healthcare Information and Communication Technology (HICT) consultancy, solutions, services and training.


HICT consultancy covers planning for the following HICT services :

  1. HICT network cabling infrastructure (internal and external)
  2. HICT passive and active network equipment for networking
  3. HICT hardware equipment
  4. HICT software for office automation and backend database
  5. HICT application for business software
  6. Total Hospital Information System (T.H.I.S)
  7. ICT Training Centre, Computer Lab and Facilities
  8. Library and Facilities
  9. Training for key users, application, network and system administrator
  10. Data Centre / Server Room
  11. Operation, maintenance and support
  12. Integration works with existing ICT facilities
  13. Interconnection with other T.H.I.S hospitals
  14. Telephone infrastructure and equipment
  15. Training needs
  16. Other materials, equipments and works required for the proper functioning and operation of the healthcare building
Healthcare Engineering and Technology Solutions (HETS)
  1. Equipment Planning System
  2. Medical Planning System
  3. Biomedical Engineering Management System
  4. Facility Engineering Management System
  5. Clinical Waste Management System
  6. Linen And Laundry Management System
  7. Cleansing Management System
  8. Security Management System
  9. Computerized Maintenance Management System
Integrated Asset Management System

Advance Pact Sdn Bhd, own developed web based application system called Advance Pact Biomedical Engineering System (APBESys) is a real time solution for asset management of a wide array of medical devices.

The system currently operates and manages about 40,000 medical equipment assets in 22 hospitals.

This state-of-the-art solution include:

  1. Register, search and update assets registration, classification, specification, acquisition, commissioning and maintenance status
  2. Receive incoming Request and Complaint
  3. Manage Request and Planned Preventive Maintenance
  4. Register, update Statutory and Licenses
  5. Produce Schedule 4 Reports for monthly submission
  6. Implement Quality Assurance Program
  7. Compile Variation Order like Addition or Deletion of asset
  8. Setup Admin and Engineering Module
  9. Update New stock and inventory
  10. Produce online mapping
Services and Training

HICT Services and training cover the following HICT elements:

  1. Business Process Adoptions, Business Process Engineering and Business Process Re-engineering
  2. Business Integration
  3. ICT Management
  4. ICT Equipment Procurement
  5. ICT Procurement Management
  6. ICT Installation and Supervision
  7. ICT Testing and Commissioning
  8. ICT Training and Education
  9. ICT Documentation
  10. ICT Support and Maintenance


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